Laura Schifter with K12 Climate Action joined Doug Parsons with America Adapts for a conversation about K12 Climate Action, the current state of climate education, and how this initiative will engage with education stakeholders to ensure students are prepared to advance a more sustainable and resilient future. Adaptation is also a focus of these climate education efforts!

Listen to the episode here: America Adapts K12 Climate Action: The Role of Schools for Climate Awareness

Topics covered:

  • What is the K-12 Climate Action Initiative?
  • How educating our children in schools is a key strategy for climate action.
  • Incorporating resilience and adaptation planning into school standards and curricula
  • State Climate Policy Landscape report.
  • How you can get involved with the K-12 Climate Action during their virtual listening tours.
  • Discussion of existing climate standards and education and the large disparity between states.
  • Why climate education now is important for future jobs.
  • How to avoid this initiative from becoming a politicized.