In September 2023, This Is Planet Ed joined the Stanford Center on Early Childhood for the "Climate and Young Children Webinar Series". This event aimed to highlight how climate change and environmental degradation impact the experiences, opportunities, and health of today's and future children.

This Is Planet Ed Early Years co-chair Antwanye Ford and Laura Schifter joined "Climate and Young Children: Learning and Development & Community" to showcase the significance of children's access to interactions with nature, peers, and caregivers, and discussed how climate change poses a threat to healthy learning and development.

    This Is Planet Ed's Senior Advisor Anya Kamenetz joined "Climate and Young Children: Physical and Mental Health & Community" to highlight the negative effects of climate change on the health of children both physically and mentally, and the importance of ensuring children, beginning before birth and continuing into the early years, have a healthy and happy critical foundation for all that comes later.

      For additional takeaways and resources visit the Stanford Center on Early Childhood