Educators, are you looking to advance climate solutions in schools? The Educator Advocacy Toolkit can help!

From wildfires to hurricanes, flooding to heatwaves, the impacts of climate change are happening now, and many educators are increasingly concerned about what the future will hold for students. But educators can work to advance climate solutions — solutions students can see in their schools.

The K12 Climate Action Plan recommends that school districts develop their own local K-12 climate action plans to reduce the environmental impact of their schools, adapt and build resilience to climate impacts ahead, and support teaching and learning to empower the rising generation to succeed in the clean economy and lead a sustainable, resilient, and equitable society.

The Inflation Reduction Act and the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act provide unprecedented opportunity to fund these solutions in schools. Educators can help schools and districts take advantage of this opportunity.

The Educator Advocacy Toolkit, developed in partnership between This Is Planet Ed, The National Education Association, and The American Federation of Teachers, provides educators with the strategies and resources to advance climate action locally in their school districts, including talking points to help build consensus and specific programs to leverage for funding.

Educator Advocacy Toolkit