Grammy award-winning singer Gloria Estefan guest stars in video to be featured on YouTube Kids; Teachers encouraged to use in classrooms

Washington, D.C., April 11 — Planet Media, an initiative of the Aspen Institute’s This Is Planet Ed, has teamed up with the award-winning production company Encantos to support the creation of a new climate education series for pre-teens titled: “This is Cooler.” The first episode will be featured on YouTube Kids and headlines iconic Miami-based recording artist Gloria Estefan. The video is expected to reach millions of viewers on YouTube Kids during Earth Month, helping to make climate education fun and climate consciousness “cool.”

Set in Miami Beach, the host city for Aspen Ideas: Climate in March 2024, the video showcases young role models encouraging their peers to understand the science of climate change, how to talk positively about climate change, and how to take climate action. The series highlights four essential climate principles developed in partnership between Planet Media and The Nature Conservancy:

  1. Earth is our home.
  2. It’s getting hotter now because of us.
  3. It’s changing now and impacting us.
  4. But, together, we can make the changes we need for a brighter future.

Estefan, whose music has reached millions of people throughout her career, guest stars in the video, which also premieres the Climate Songa— fun cover of Estefan’s hit song “Conga” with the Miami Sound Machine—rewritten with climate-related lyrics for “This is Cooler.”

“As a grandmother, I want my 11 year-old grandson-and all of his friends-to watch ‘This is Cooler’ to understand what’s happening to our climate,” said Estefan. “I’ve been so impressed with young people today, the way they are leading and finding innovative solutions to society’s biggest challenges, especially climate change.”

“We’re excited to have Gloria Estefan star in our ‘This is Cooler’ pilot episode set in Miami Beach, which has been her home for decades and which is increasingly threatened by climate change,” said Susie Jaramillo, CEO of Encantos. “We’re thrilled the video is being featured on YouTube Kids, making it easy for millions of parents and kids to access this essential information about how climate change impacts their lives and what they can do about it.”

Jaramillo said the video series will expand to at least five additional cities by 2025, and the “This is Cooler” team is encouraging teachers to use the video in classrooms during Earth Month to engage students in learning about climate change. This Is Planet Ed has created key discussion questions to guide a conversation about the video, with additional resources to maximize student learning.

“Far too many young people have misconceptions and worries about climate change, which is only made worse when adults don’t talk about it,” said Laura Schifter, a Senior Fellow with the Aspen Institute directing This Is Planet Ed. “‘This is Cooler’ focuses on science, hope, humor, and solutions to provide young people with the knowledge they need to understand our changing world and empower them to use their voice to make a difference.”

Over the next year, Planet Media will continue to support children’s media in creating hopeful and engaging content to help young people understand climate change – its causes, consequences, and solutions.

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This Is Planet Ed is an initiative of the Aspen Institute Energy & Environment Program that intends to unlock the power of education as a force for climate action, climate solutions, and environmental justice to empower the rising generation to lead a sustainable, resilient, and equitable future. Planet Media is co-chaired by Gary Knell, former President and CEO of National Geographic and Sesame Workshop, and Katharine Hayhoe, Chief Scientist at The Nature Conservancy.

The Aspen Institute is a global nonprofit organization whose purpose is to ignite human potential to build understanding and create new possibilities for a better world. Founded in 1949, the Institute drives change through dialogue, leadership, and action to help solve society’s greatest challenges. It is headquartered in Washington, DC and has a campus in Aspen, Colorado, as well as an international network of partners.

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