This is Planet Ed and Capita commissioned a survey in 2022 on the state of public opinion on climate change, particularly as it affects children and future generations in the United States.

The survey was carried out by Siena College Research Institute.

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Key Findings

  • Three out of four Americans (74%) feel they have a "moral obligation" to make the world a better place by addressing climate change not only for their own children and grandchildren but for all children to come.
  • 81% of Black and 83% of Latino respondents were very or somewhat concerned that climate change will impact children in their lifetime compared to 70% of White respondents.
  • Nearly half of the respondents least concerned about climate change (46%) agree with the moral obligation to address climate change when thinking about children.
  • 82% agreed that children will be essential in fighting climate change and that we must give them the knowledge and skills to build a sustainable world.

Talking to Children about Climate Change

  • Despite nearly 8 out of 10 Americans agreeing that climate change is a "very" or "somewhat serious" problem, only about half of parents with children (49%) said they have talked with their children about it.
  • Yet, three in 10 respondents with children said their children have told them that they worry about climate change.

6 Tips To Talking To Kids About Climate Change

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