In May 2023, This Is Planet Ed leaders joined the Harvard Graduate School for Education at "Building Our Resilient Future: Education Driving Hope, Innovation, and Action." As a part of Harvard Climate Action Week, this event aimed to highlight an action-oriented agenda for the education sector, while showing how schools and communities are already making an impact in confronting climate change.

This Is Planet Ed co-chair Chancellor John King joined "How Leaders Can Empower Communities to Act for Climate Resilience" to showcase how schools, leaders, and communities are making an impact now — and planning for future impact — in mitigating climate change, creating collaborative learning opportunities, and advancing equity.

"And what's so exciting, to bring us to the Inflation Reduction Act and the Infrastructure Bill, is the opportunity for impact at scale if we seize the moment."

—Chancellor John B. King, Jr.

Laura Schifter also joined This Is Planet Ed partners, including Generation180, Green Schools National Network, National Wildlife Federation, Trust for Public Land, and World Resources Institute, at the Solutions Showcase to discuss actionable strategies for educators and community leaders.

Building Our Resilient Future | Key Takeaways